So it’s Christmas right

So for starters, Merry Christmas to all (Except the Germs) and a Happy New Year.

So it’s the time of giving and receiving, right? Right??

So forget receiving, we’ve got lots to give.

I’d just like to say there was a lot of stuff we were not able to finish because we were shorthanded in terms of staff. So I’d like to give a big, big thank you to Nitouryu, who worked his ass off like crazy. He did a lot of work on what we’ve released, almost something on everything. If you want to help increase the release speed on some of our projects, help out by applying (Click here).

Boku to Issho ch23-24 (!Boku23 & !Boku24 or !BTI23 & !BTI24) – A new project we’ll be doing along with MangaScreener, who did the first 22 chapters of the series. This will conclude volume 02. We’ve already translated the rest of the two volumes so hopefully this’ll go by pretty fast!

Buddha v01 (!Buddha1 or !Bud1) – The tale of Buddha told by the God of Manga, Osuma Tezuka. A must read.

Elfen Lied ch102-107 (End) (!EL102 – !EL107 or !Elfen102 – !Elfen107) – And finally, we’ve finished this project after delay after delay… And we’re happy! This was one of our first projects we picked up back in 2005, so this is long overdue. We put in a little something in chapter 103, so go check it out. Big thanks to Kaens & Anath for all their hard work on the series, as they will be closing down Oishii-Manga as of now. We will see what’s next after this!

Full Metal Panic Sigma ch21-22 (!Sigma21 & !Sigma22 or !FMP21 & !FMP22) – The conclusion of volume 05 of FMP Sigma. You know, just a random thought, this series could move a lot faster if we had more staff, but I won’t bother people with that too much today.

Holyland Volume 07 (Chapters 61-70) (!Holy7 or !HL07) – Here’s a few volume of Holyland. Enjoy it.

Jackals ch16 (!Jack16 or !Jackals16) – The conclusion of volume 2 (Finally.) We’ve scanned & started working (Slowly) on volume 3. Maybe the next chapter released will be soon, maybe not.

Koukou Tough v05-06 (!Tough05 & !Tough06 or !Taffu05 & !Taffu06) – All I have to say is FUCK YEAH MORE TOUGH!! If you have the time, please check this out and vote.

RahXephon v01-03 (!Rah1 – !Rah3 or !Xeph01 – !Xeph03) – So I bought these volumes a few years ago. I don’t particularly like the series, to be honest. But someone asked me to scan the volumes. I figured, eh, why not. So here we are…

Sengoku c19 (!Sen19 or !Sengoku19) – Conclusion of volume 02. We sure could use an editor for this right about now…

Sidonia no Kishi 6-7 (!Sido6 & !Sido7 or !Sidonia6 & !Sidonia7) Joint with Vagrant-Scans as usual. We’ll try to catch up on ch8 & 9 soon while putting out tanko versions of the chapters we’ve already released.

All of that made a total of 73 chapters released, which is a little bit more of the 63 we released last year for Christmas + New Years.

At the end of last year, I set a goal of getting to 1,000 chapters released before 2010. We released 707 on New Years. We’re currently at 995 chapters released. Das iz gud, ya?

So we’re aiming for 1,000 before 2010 comes. Wish us luck.

What the future holds will be addressed on January 1st.

For now, enjoy.

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    I cant wait to see the thug hunter go all out in the next chapter(s)! also cant wait for more Homunculus!~ Thanks for all the hard work you put into these! Merry Christmas~

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    Merry Corismas Illuminati and thanks for your hard work!

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    I just wanted to say that whoever qced/proofed for FMP sigma did a pretty bad job. IMO some of the sentences did not flow right and sounded like fragments. I will thank you nonetheless.

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    Dear Jesus, this is some really huge Christmas release I must say :laughing: Thank you for your hard work! And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the staffers, be marvellous next year too. And let the next year send you more staffers XD

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    Thanks for this awesome Christmas present, although it's late for me :> (german) Seems I finally have to read Elfenlied ^^ I've only watched the anime yet. Thank you guys very much 🙂

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    Holyland! Holyland! HOLYLAND….volume ends on a cliffhanger YOU BASTARD MANGA ARTIST/AUTHOR/CREATORGUYS. One of the best Xmas presents. Much better than the socks I got :p

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    Thanks so much for Elfen Lied guys, I have been following it since mid 2006 and it was worth the wait, thanks for all the hard work and I wish you all well in the future.

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    TNX for Elfen Lied >,< And Sidonia No Kishi >.< Only 5 to 1000 o.O Great Work >.< TNX Happy Holidays and Happy New Year (Sorry my bad english [BR])

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    A chapter of Saru Lock would be awesome for the one of the remaining five chapters that you want to do to reach your goal. Thanks for Holyland, its one of my favorite mangas.

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