FMP 20

New release today, FMP Sigma ch20. !Sigma20 We’ll be doing the series alone again because Sora-Scans is currently busy fighting real life, a commonly known disease scanlators often are affected with. Seriously, the H1N1’s got nothing on this bad motherfucker. When they’ve healed from this awful disease, we’ll be working again with them on the series.


11 Thoughts to “FMP 20”

  1. BiNumber3

    Ive heard of this "life", scary stuff, claimed an insane number of lives already:( Thanks for the release:)

  2. Hannes

    wow just read this chapter I was waiting for so long =) Many thanks to you guys for releasing it! you saved my day 🙂

  3. GGpX

    @shiroikumo Can you clean? If you can clean, I'll gladly typeset more.

  4. null

    Hey, thanks for this one! I'm really lacking FMP material at this time. 🙂 The novel translation project is still taking their time proofreading, so it's good to see IM still working on the manga. @GGpX: What do you mean by "clean"? Is there some overview of scanlation terms for "n00bs"?

  5. GGpX

    It's essentially cleaning the pages; Rotating the pages, cropping the excess from around it, removing the text, removing the dust between panels, occasionally having to redraw. Here's a good guide:

  6. Takeshi

    Awesome, thank you so much for continuing this manga. But damn.. you could have stuff out sooner if you had more guys to clean? Makes me want to help

  7. GGpX

    @Takeshi The way JapFlap cleans and the way we clean are two different ways. The way JapFlap cleans is a longer, more detail oriented because they were with magazine chapters, which are printed on the shittiest paper on this planet.

  8. kakashi

    how do hi download this chapter???

  9. Nitouryu

    You go to our irc channel(link on the sidebar) and d/l them from a bot.

  10. qw

    Any clue when the next chapter will be up? Thanks

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