Illuminati-Manga is now 4 years old

Happy birthday to us! Yaaay.

So we turn four years old today.

I’m supposed to make a big, long post thanking people, but there’s just too many people to thank over the years, so I’ll keep it short.

Thanks to all of you who’ve helped us out in some way or manner.

Also, illiteracy, if you’re reading this, upload the PSD files, will ya? So that we can hopefully release that volume on Christmas. Plus, Luco_-kun will be mad if you don’t ;p

Today’s releases:

Koukou Tekken-den Tough Volume 4 (!Tough04) – Welp, 4/42. That’s ummm…. 9.5% of the series done. By the way, I’ve bought volumes of Tough up to volume 19 or 20 or so. If I could get one steady Editor and one steady Typesetter and maybe one steady Proofreader/QCer to work solely on Tough, this project could move along quite nicely. Btw, thanks to our new proofreader/QCer TaskMaster for helping get this volume done. (Hint hint)

Saru Lock Chapter 34 (!Saru34) – Editing is still difficult as hell, we still need help. We are willing to accept a joint with another group if that group can edit adequately. If not, well, we’re willing to wait on new applicants and train them, but it doesn’t seem likely. So, enjoy this chapter until the next.

Sidonia no Kishi Chapters 4-5 (!Sido4 & !Sido5) – Sorry for the delay on this, this was my fault. I slacked off on doing this series. This is still a joint with Vagrant-Scans. So hopefully ch6 & 7+ won’t take too long to release.

Some info on some series;

Holyland -> Translator is busy all of November, so we won’t release until December probably.

Homunculus -> Progressing on volume 10. Volume 11 is scheduled to go for sell in December.

Jackals -> With recent additions in the staff, we’ve gotten busier with Jackals. ETA for next release, dunno. Won’t take too long, I hope not anyway.

Mephisto -> Going to restart working on that soon.

My Street -> Needs a French -> English t/l

REAL -> Volume 9 is going for sell on November 23rd, so I’ll be buying it.

Sengoku -> Sorta stalled, of sorts. We’re working on other things ahead of it atm.

If you have questions about other projects (Except “WHEN IS X BEING RELEASED??????????????” questions) feel free to ask.


26 Thoughts to “Illuminati-Manga is now 4 years old”

  1. Nitouryu


  2. JePiNaY

    Ooh. Happy Birthday. 😀

  3. dark mage

    Happy Birthday Illuminati! I hope you will continue to grow older. 🙂 Thanks alot for the Saru Lock chapter. This is one good manga

  4. Eno

    congrats 🙂 do more oton puhlease 😉

  5. reader from Russia

    It was "happy birthday" in russian =D

  6. dani

    congrats happy birthday what about Shonan Junai Gumi

  7. GGpX

    @dani The project leader is busy with real life circumstance. Once he'll be available to continue scanlating it SJG, we'll have new releases.

  8. B1

    Many happy returns to you, and huge thanks for all the scanlations of yours I've read up to now.

  9. akika

    Hey, congrats on the 4th anniversary. Anyway, if you ever have any concerns/questions on the Sengoku translations, you know where to find me.

  10. Omega

    congratz :3 also, what happened to elfen lied?

  11. Serenity

    Happy birthday guys, any news on Elfen Lied?

  12. GGpX

    @akika – Yup. Thanks again for translating Sengoku, even though we're pretty slow with it. @Omega & Serenity – Project leader (Anath) is busy with school. I told him that if we didn't release the remaining chapters by the end of year, I'd force him to become my translation slave. So, uh… Expect the remaining chaps before the end of the year, hopefully.

  13. Blah

    Happy Birthday News on FMP:Sigma? I thought avatar released his translations for vol 5

  14. GGpX

    @ Blah We're editing the series, and since there's a rather big shortage of editors… yeah. 🙂

  15. Hannes

    Congratulations! 🙂 found this homepage a few weeks ago when I was looking for scanlations of FMP Sigma and i'm looking forward to the next chapters =) my wish for year 5: more information on the single project pages like progress of translations, raws, state of cleaned pages, ready pages, number of people working at each step. It's because i would like to help (can only clean pages) by cleaning some pages if i'm bored or can send you missing raws if possible without active participation in the project.

  16. GGpX

    @Hannes We scan our own raws for a most series (Only series we haven't is Sengoku & SJG, not counting the Sidonia no Kishi magazine chaps). But if you want to help out, contact us. Either me or Nitouryu.

  17. lassekjo

    Congratulations!!!! and hope to see you around for many more years to come \m/

  18. DamnedBones

    Congratulations guys, and thanks for the new Sidonia chapters! On a side note, I'd like thank you for informing us about the current status of Homunculus and Mephisto. I personally love these series.

  19. darky

    Happy birthday guys and thanks for your hard work over the years.

  20. Elfenliedfan

    happy late birthday :tongue: good to hear Elfen Lied is still being worked on. I the last chapters will be released soon

  21. Matt Katch

    Hey, I live in Japan, big Tough fan, and have issue #125-300 'n some. The fatties are coming out in conbinis here and I've been buying them up. Anyway, started translating w/ issue #125, and would be happy to share original scans and my translations; anything to share the series with others because it is awesome! Hit me back on this e-mail if you're interested.

  22. prae

    When will you release J- *gets shot* Anyways, keep it up! Looking forward to the new releases! 😀

  23. Hayaku

    I can't wait for SJG to be released 🙂 hope you guys are all fine ^.^ Thank you for your work!

  24. Inoue Takehiko

    Hey there, i was just wondering if you know how long it's gonna be until the first translated scans of Inoue Takehiko's REAL come out? thx a lot for your work, you're great!

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