I’m posting this again because another Editor’s left the group tonight.

Now we’re down even more people.

So, yeah, we need staff. Just about all positions are needed. No experience necessary and we’re willing to train you if you’re an Editor.

Apply, and make all of our lives easier.

Thanks. .-,

2 Thoughts to “Recruiting~”

  1. Oxy

    name: Oxy position: Ummm everything but translation email: project interest: pretty open but would prefer Full Metal Panic Sigma reason: Ummmm, well FMP I guess, I like a lot of your titles.. previous scanlation experience: I have little to none, but I took avatars translation for Full Metal Panic Sigma vol 5 and did its all done if you want it. My raws were kind crappy but I did what I could with it. I use a cracked trial version of CS4 and as for font and what not, hell even how to use it all that well I'm still a noOb. But I would like to keep the Full Metal Panic Sigma volumes flying out asap. there are a lot of volumes to do available. any who hit me up if you want The vol 5 I have done. I would like also like to get the trans for vol 6-10. thanks and later, Oxy.. :crying:

  2. bozo

    email: I don't have any experience but I want to help in Shonan Junai Gumi(only). I think I could clean the raws if it is simple enough but mostly I tink I can write the translation in the cleaned raws. I think this means Typesetting. Please contact me on my email if yo think I can help (only for Shonan Junai Gumi).

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