Oi Nitouryu

Write a news post you lazy Latvian.

Jackals 15 (!Jack15)
Saru Lock 33 (!Saru33) our 900th chapter released.

Aiming for 1,000 chapters released by the end of the year—Stay tuned!

5 Thoughts to “Oi Nitouryu”

  1. dark mage

    OMG! Finally I get a Saru Lock chapter. I was waiting for this. Thanks alot for more Saru and Ritsuko. I am looking forward to more. So please keep up the great work

  2. ilikedbz

    omg cliffhanger

  3. Mag

    Saru Lock! I need more of this.

  4. ccp

    Ooh a stfun color in the Jackals archive. Nice.

  5. Mag

    I heard Saru Lock ended in Japan. Is this true?

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