Introducing, Sekai no longname!

Okay, today we’re introducing a new one-volume long project with our joint partners, HotCakes. Give them a shout out if you don’t mind.

The project is called Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae, but you’ll hear it from me as Sekai no longname.

It’s a volume long series by Asano Inio, mangaka of What a Wonderful World, Nijigahara Holograph (If you haven’t read this, read it right-fucking-now. The best single volume manga I’ve ever read.) and Goodnight Punpun. This volume contains series of oneshots by the author over his career.

We’re released ch1 & 2 (!Sekai1 & !Sekai2) today.

Hope you enjoy.

One Thought to “Introducing, Sekai no longname!”

  1. Minelauva

    These chapters were awesome! I expected no less from Asano Inio. 😉 Thank you!

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