Okay so

We have new chapters out today, but some news first.

We need staff. Especially one or two Quality Checkers to help. We need some staff for various positions to help out. We have some chapters waiting to be QCed, but nobody to really QC them. So, help out. Editors & Typesetters also wanted.

As for the release, we’ve released FMP Sigma ch18-19 along with Sora-Scans as joint partners. This gets into “the good stuff.” We need an Editor for this series, so if you’re interested, apply! ;p

As for Holyland, well… Chapter 59 & 60 are in QC.

Anyway, see you later.


7 Thoughts to “Okay so”

  1. D

    Thanks for FMP sigma!

  2. Nikwad

    Yeah thx very much, my fav above all!! I wish i had the time to help you edit this one, but sadly i dont 🙁

  3. dani

    thx holyland is the best 🙂

  4. Kaz

    Thanks for holyland

  5. Felipe

    What kind of QCed do u need?

  6. anonim

    tnz for fmp, i love it

  7. Haruna

    Woot! This is great stuff, I love how you released two awesome chapters in one go! Thanks! I'd edit but in the middle of applying for college lol.

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