So what’s next?

(For the release info, check the previous post.)

So, what are we doing next? Just some random info for those of you who are interested.

-We’re going to have a follow-up release, a “Hangover” release if you will with some stuff we didn’t time for today.

-We’re probably not going to pick up any new projects outside of shorter series, ie. 1-2 volume long series.

-BR2 will stay as is, ie. we’ll do a chapter whenever me & Chas feel like working on it.

-Gantz will stay stalled until me & illiteracy want to continue working on it.

-As some of you know, Homunculus is back in Big Comic Spirits… We’ll be working on it with njt once the tankobon goes for sell.

-We might try to revive the Tista project by doing the tankobon’s. 50/50 chance. Depends on how busy the editor is. Same for Heureka.

-Elfen Lied, well like I said, there are still some things to work out in ch102-107 that prevented it from being released. Reason why it’s taken so long is because the project leader, Anath, has been dead-busy with school and work.

-What a Wonderful World chaps will be released when the translator, njt, has the time to translate. He’s busy with a lot of different things, so we don’t know exactly when it’ll happen.

If you have any questions about x projects, ask in this thread. Thanks.

10 Thoughts to “So what’s next?”

  1. qwert

    What about Full Metal Panic Sigma? As far as I know, the translations were already completed for quite some time now. Thanks

  2. qwert

    Sorry, my mistake, it turns out news about it was posted one thread down. Happy belated birthday and thanks for the releases.

  3. ostmustis

    well I dont have a acc and to lazy to get one but "a spirit of the sun" is looking very good but mangascreener havnet released from it for over 2years and list it as an inactive project, even if you dont wanna do it its still worth reading whats done :laughing:

  4. GGpX

    We won't be picking that up. I don't know if anyone on the staff is actually interested in the series itself, let alone scanlating it.

  5. deusgear

    Cool story bro. Also happy late birthday :laughing:

  6. ostmustis

    ait, well you are doing alot of great storys already anyway 😉 thanks for yer hard work

  7. Camila

    Well,i liked if you translate the Blood+A 2 ^^

  8. Exequias

    Any news on the Jackals series?

  9. Nitouryu

    For the time being it's stalled, that's all I can tell you. There are several reasons for it, one of them is lack of staff. But we will finish it, someday. I guess.

  10. Perfect

    So there is a chance for more Heureka? Best news I've read today.

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