Happy birthday to me…

Happy birthday to me…

Happy birthday to I…

Happy birthday, you damn selfish prick…

Happy birthday to myself…

/me hears booing and tomatoes being thrown at him.

Thank you very much for you support!

So yeah. It’s July 23rd.

It’s a great day because;

1) Saru Lock j-drama airs today (Already has aired as I write this)

2) It’s my birthday. I’m turning 21. What a great age, I feel a day older from yesterday (But my back hurts a lot more than yesterday, a possible sign of things to come, huh?)

So, to celebrate, we’re doing some releases! Houray!

This is a lot like our Christmas releases, where some releases come out of left field in a way. I just used the occasion to finish some things we’ve started working on a long time ago and to finish some things we started on not-too-long-ago.

So the release streak is over. We released a total of 64 chapters total. Around the same mark as our Christmas release last year. Hopefully this Christmas we’ll release around 100! Wouldn’t that be fun? .-.;;

Remember I said we’d get to 1,000 chapters scanlated by 2010? Only 125 chapters left.

So a big thank you to everyone who worked on the releases, especially Kuthrow, illiteracy, Nitouryu, Zenquibo & Solus.

And what would a post be without a shameless recruiting ad. The thing is, these releases didn’t just happen. They took a lot of time and effort from many staff members. Just this week two people left the group due to real life circumstances, to which we wish them the best. But we have nobody to really replace them. So we’re asking you, the readers, who want to help us scanlate more to think about helping us out in some capacities.

And now, without further due, the releases.

1) Battle Royale 2 ch14-15. Welp, the series is over 75% done. Houray. Thank Chas for working hard on the two chapters.

Triggers: !BR14 & !BR15 + !BR214 & !BR215
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/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #2

2) Full Metal Panic Sigma Volume 4. Houray. We’re finally going past where the anime is, but only by one chapter. The volume has four chapters of useless filler (Albeit, funny filler). Volume 5+, though… Pure story. This is a joint with Sora-Scans who helped a lot with the editing & typesetting on some chapters. We’ll be working with them for volume 5 & onwards.

Triggers: !Sigma04 & !Sigma4
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #5

3) Kingdom of Stars oneshot by Kinnou Rie. This is a oneshot we did with Laika a while back. A pretty cool story. I’m no good at summaries, but download and check it out for yourself.

Triggers: !Kingdom & !KoS
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #8

4) And finally, for the time being, Gantz v22. “What!?” you might say? Yeah, we finally finished this bastard. We have a small story in our credit page at the end of the volume. But essentially, Gantz is going to continue being stalled. We don’t know when/if we’ll continue working on it. If we do, it’ll be up to illiteracy mostly. If he wants to clean the tankobon, I’ll buy it & scan it then typeset his pages. But if he’s not interested, I won’t continue with it.

Triggers: !Gantz22 & !Gantzv22
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Part 2 of the releases.

5) Elfen Lied Chapter 100-101. Okay so at first we wanted to make a volume 12 release, but unfortunately some chapters didn’t go through QC and Anath was gone on vacation to see his folks in San Diego. We’ll finish it some other time it seems.

Triggers: !EL100 & !EL101 or !Lied100 & !Lied101
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6) Koukou Tekken-den Tough Volume 3. Three down, 39 more to go! The Judo arc will conclude, and chapter 29 introduces one of the coolest characters of the whole series, Iron Kiba!

Triggers: !Tough03 or !KKT03
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #9

7) Sengoku Chapters 14-17. We’re slowly but surely making progress on the series. Big thank you to CassiusOS for cleaning a page in chapter 16. Just to show you how difficult the page was, here’s the original and then here’s the cleaned. Quite the difference, don’t you think?

Triggers: !Sen14 !Sen15 !Sen16 !Sen17 or !Seng14 !Seng15 !Seng16 !Seng17
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/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #16
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8) Shonan Jun’ai Gumi Chapters 78-80. This concludes volume 9. Nothing much to say about this series, except that volume 10 is a very good volume and starts a series of awesome volumes.

Triggers: !SJG78 !SJG79 !SJG80 or !Junai78 !Junai79 !Junai80
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Part 3

Welp, last for today. We didn’t get to release everything we wanted to (Not counting EL, only 5 chapters we planned on having release didn’t get released.) So here’s our final releases for today:

9) Holyland ch49. We were planning on getting ch50 released with this, but the redraws were just too much. Expect this in a few days in our Hangover release.

Triggers: !HL49 or !Holy49
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #7

10) Leviathan v12 (End). This is the end of by far our craziest and weirdest project we have. And it’s over with. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I know (some) of us did ;p. PS, we have some other project ending…

Triggers: !Lev12 or !Levi12
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #10

11) Mephisto v2. This is Mephisto volume 2. Houray for THE EVIL MANGA! This was tons of fun to scanlate. Definitely made for an adult audience… Yeah. We only made a volume pack of Mephisto volume 1 for those interested.

Triggers: !Mep1 (Volume 1 pack) !Mep2 or !Meph2
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #11 (For Mep v2)

12) Saru Lock ch30-31. How could this be a Saru Lock j-drama celebration without some releases of Saru Lock? Saru Lock, still as much as a pain in the ass to edit as ever, comes and starts an epic arc. Probably the best arc for a long time. Enjoy.

Triggers: !Saru30 !Saru31 or !Lock30 !Lock31
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/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #14

13) Vagabond – Sumi Artbook. This is just awesome. It’s high res (1,600 height) pages of the Vagabond artbook. If I buy myself a wider scanner, I’ll do the Water artbook.

Triggers: !Sumi or !Vagasumi
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #22

And finally…

14) Riki-Oh Volume 12 (End). My all-time favorite project is finally done. 🙁 I’m happy but at the same time sad about this. But, well, such is life. The future means more Saruwatari Tetsuya series and more focus on the current projects.

Triggers: !Riki12 or !Rikioh12
/msg zenfailbot xdcc send #12

That’s all for today.

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    Thank you guys for all the great work on RIKI-OH the past couple years. Nobody else out there was awesome enough to pick this up, but you guys were. Thank you.

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    Like anyone reads those credits.. Get real, people. 😮 This was a splendid batch of 64 chapters, you crazy GGpX.

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    Hey, hey HEEEY! Thanks again for the wonderful releases, i enjoyed Riki-Oh, i think i should read it again to understand the story…

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