I found one thing Nihei Tsutomu can’t draw well.

It’s semi-naked chicks. He’s just not that good at it. 🙁

Everything else, though, I think he’s pretty damn good.

So today, we have some releases! Houray! One new project, and one (kinda) new project! .-.;

Battle Royale 2 Chapter 13. Thanks to Chas for working on this while nobody else really seemed to want to. Myself included. .-.; !BR13

Saru Lock Chapter 28. So this took nearly 2 months to do. Look at the redraws and the difficulty and you’ll know why. Maybe not, but try anyway. I might sound like a broken record, but we need Editors. The faster we get Editors that are up to our standards, the faster we release some Saru. Simple as that. Unless you enjoy waiting many weeks for a new chapter. !Saru28

Sengoku Chapters 8-10. This concludes volume 1 and begins volume 2. If anybody wants to be a permanent typesetter for this series, PM me on IRC. We have all of volume 2 cleaned and translations from akika (You rock <3) until chapter 35 or so. So… Yeah. !Sen8 !Sen9 !Sen10

And now, the new (sorta) projects:

Sidonia no Kishi Chapter 1. This is Nihei Tsutomu’s (Blame!, Biomega, Abara) new serialization in the Afternoon magazine. I’m a big Nihei fanboy, so I couldn’t help it. By the way, I appologize for making the pages a little dusty, but I’ll be redoing the chapters once the tankobons come out. We’re jointing with the nice people of Vagrant-Scans ( #Vagrant@irc.rizon.net ) for this manga. Please pay them a visit. !Sido1

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi Chapter 74. Huuuuuuh? Didn’t we drop this a while ago? Yeah, we did. Remember when I said that in Nitouryu’s April Fools post that among all the bullshit he posted that there was something true in it? So, yeah.This is it. I’ve always maintained that this is a project that I really like, but that we never had the people to work on it. Well, now Kuthrow is taking care of the project, and all I have to do is translate & QC. If you want to help out, contact Kuthrow on IRC or on the forums. !SJG74

Welp, as usual, apply if you want to help out.


2 Thoughts to “I found one thing Nihei Tsutomu can’t draw well.”

  1. jebak99999

    thanks 4 saru lock & shonan

  2. Daeva-kun

    WAAAH, thank you for the new Sengoku releases <3<3 I was looking forward to them!

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