April fooled. I guess?

Funny thing is… One thing that was posted on that April Fools post is actually true. I’ll let you guys murmur about it among yourselves.

But today, we have two un-popular seinen series for you all.

Holyland ch44 & Mephisto ch7.

!Holy44 & !Mep7 on IRC.

Always looking for new staff, especially Editors. You know, the more Editors (that meet our standards, obviously) we get, the faster we release stuff like… Blood+ A… Saru Lock… Riki-Oh… Future projects… Full Metal Panic Sigma… No experience is necessary, as long as you’re willing to learn. Just letting you guys know. `-‘)

Enjoy, have a good one.

7 Thoughts to “April fooled. I guess?”

  1. Ultenth

    Well I for one love Holyland and thank you greatly for releasing it!!

  2. WizardHat

    Thank you for holyland!

  3. bg

    thanx for holyland, its getting better and better, keep on the good work.

  4. sleepykidX

    Hurray for Holyland, thanks for the work you guys put in. 🙂

  5. wong

    Thx for holyland :laughing:

  6. Baki

    Thanks for all the hard work you do!!! Keep it up!

  7. xKaidoh

    It seems like no one really likes Mephisto lol. But seriously, thanks for holyland

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