Enough is enough!

The last months have been quite hard on us.

  • Some key redrawers left us
  • We are really low on staff(I need max both of my hands to count them all)
  • Low downloads statistics

Honestly, I don’t think I can keep up with this anymore(trying to clean 4~5 projects simultaneously is tiring).
Therefore we need to make CHANGES. These are hard times, but if we work together on my new plan I BELIEVE we can CHANGE for the better.
Here is how I see this – we need to go back to our roots. Time where we had lots of popular projects and many many downloads. I talked this over with the rest of the staff and they agreed to cut down some projects.
Lets be real, who reads Seinen nowadays? 10, 20 people max. Saru Lock, Holyland, Kamen Teacher, Tough, Mephisto, Riki-Oh, Oton etc. crap crap crap
All those bullshit projects we have picked up along the road, have been nothin but pain in ass. Said that, hopefully this month we will finish volumes we have started on our current Seinen titles and drop them.
Don’t panic. After getting rid of this non-popular trash we will focus on finishing our old dropped projects, starting: HSDK, Naruto, Get Backers and Shonan Junai Gumi.
Ofcourse we need some new blood to give us better download stats, this will include some popular Shounen titles: Claymore, Bleach & One Piece. I know some groups are scanlating them, but we can give better quality and more faster. ^^
From Shoujo we will pick up Lovely Complex and from Josei Nodame Cantabile.
If you have some good Shoujo or Boys Love(horny & lonely wives dig them) manga suggestions, feel free to recommend one, doesn’t matter if someone’s already working on it. These are hard times and only the fittest will survive.

Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, we should get more staff applying, higher download statistics & some “Thank you for your hard work” for a change.


11 Thoughts to “Enough is enough!”

  1. zamunda

    Wow why??? I thought you guys love Riki-Oh? Why call it trash? Plus you worked on it. And what does it matter if more people download rubbish like Naruto and Bleach from you? Come on guys i always hoped that you'll continue to bring some great old mangas, like Otokojuku and stuff. Seinen is the best. You're gonna leave Riki-Oh with 3 volumes left? I like tough as well (+ Oton). I never had the chance to read Holyland, but i hear it's very good too. There are other groups like Hokuto No Gun, who do souten no ken manga and the various hokuto gaidens. There's also this group that translates Battle Angel Anita (which is currently ongoing, but it's still seinen). There are groups which like seinen like we do.

  2. zamunda

    There's also this group that translate Guyver, there's also this group that translates Berserk, there's also this group that translates Jojo. Seinen is alive! Not to talk about The Wild Fang Project, who continue to translate Grappler Baki, Son of Ogre, Garouden, they also did Shamo, Cactus, ets.

  3. ZombieToaster

    Nice joke, almost worked until i read NARUTO 😛

  4. zamunda

    I hope the toaster guy is right…

  5. qwert

    More Full Metal Panic: Sigma please and thanks

  6. PandaDance

    🙁 you guys just shat on my soul, don't worry i'll clean it up with my tongue 🙁

  7. wong

    I can't post my comment with firefox so i never do before… but with this news >_< You're my favorite US team with Deadbeat, i come almost all the day to see if the news chapter of Holyland is ready xD And i hope to read one day the Oton volume 2… I'm totally agree with zamunda… And if you make naruto , bleach ect… to be honest, i don't think i will give up to dl the chapter on Japflap or Maximum7. Please tell us it's an April Fools' Day :crying:

  8. anti-kun

    ahaha Now that's the most obvious joke… I liked the one Deus posted last year better 🙂 To begin with the image of hard-working Nitouryu… pppahahahahah… okay… But what's even more funny is the fellows who actually believe this post lol, now honestly… come one guys you're better than this 😀 it really amuses me.

  9. zamunda

    Man trust me when you take something serious you can't even joke with it…

  10. zamunda

    Sorry for quadraple post. Now back on topic: I meant it's like joking with your mother, somehow it won't work for you… So instead of a joke i take this as an insult :P. Fuck Gabuto!

  11. anjum

    🙁 noooo not holyland.i always wait for it.i dont mind u callin it shit. but i love it and i love the fact u put it up.dont let it gooo.i would do the scantalation if a) i knew how and b)i dont speak japanese(i think i am confusin things with translations but then i dont know if that needs to be done aswell ) how many releases have there been for this cos i just looked and seems there r more but no translaotrs ;(

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