22 total chapters released.

21 new chapters and one v2.

I’d like to give a big thank you to Digital_Eon who worked her cute little butt off to get all of these out. Big thank you to leviN for letting us borrow his bot. Big thank you to all of the staff that worked on these releases.

Full Metal Panic: Sigma 09-12.

Triggers are: !Sigma09 to !Sigma12.
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 137
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 138
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 139
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 140

That concludes the “TSR” arc. Once we receive a translation for volume 4, we’ll start working on it.

Holyland 36v2 + 37-40

Triggers are: !Holy36 to !Holy40
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 141
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 142
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 143
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 144
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 145

We’re looking for Japanese or Chinese to English translators for volumes 6 & up. If you’re willing to help out, please apply.

Kamen Teacher (With NCIS) 08

Trigger is !KT08

Manhole 24-25

Triggers are: !Man24 & !Man25
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 146
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 147

Almost done. Hopefully this series will be done by the end of Febuary.

My Street (With The Rabbit-Reich) 03

Trigger is: !MStreet03
Alternate download link:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 148

Make sure to go thank RR on their site! Also looking for a French -> English translator to increase the release speed.

Riki-Oh 52-53

Triggers are: !Riki52 & Riki53
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 149
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 150

This is also almost done. BlueShoe, around? Finish cleaning ch54, will ya? ;p

Saru Lock 24-26

Triggers are: !Saru24 to !Saru26
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 151
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 152
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 153

We end the mini school arc, and enter the epic Heaven’s Crow arc. Buckle up, this is going to be fun! I’m so pumped up for this arc, you have no idea. Still looking for Editors to increase the release speed.

Sengoku 4-7

Triggers are: !Sen04 to !Sen07
Alternate download links:
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 154
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 155
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 156
/MSG Foojin XDCC SEND 157

It’s almost been a year since our last release. Jeez. Anyway, we have a new translator for the series, Akika. But we need some Editors, because the ones working on it back in the day are gone.

That’s all for today, children. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous

    More violent Riki-Oh goodness! We appreciate your work! 🙂

  2. Evo

    Thanks for all of the releases everyone!

  3. d4bow

    Thank you so much for Sengoku!!! 🙂

  4. Shaggy

    Thank you for releasing more Holyland! 🙂

  5. dark mage

    Thanks so much for the Saru Lock releases! This manga is so awesome. I hope Illuminati doesnt drop this project and completes scanlating the whole manga.I simply cant wait to get my hands on the next chapters when they come out.Thanks once more for all the hard work and please keep it up. You guys are the best!

  6. Ivan

    Thank you very much for releasing FMP sigma!! I've been waiting for this a long time! Keep the good work! Thanks again! 😉

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