Now that Christmas is over…

I thought I should give you guys a project update for the projects that we didn’t release.

Apple: Oneshot that just came out in Weekly Shounen Jump, we’ll be doing that early this week (Assuming all goes well)

Eden: The translator (methanol) is currently too busy with real life commitments to be translating and illiteracy (The guy doing everything else on Eden) id MIA. I miss you illiteracy 🙁

Gantz: We started on volume 22 once upon a time, whether we actually end up finishing it any time soon is up in the air. We will finish it, though.

Heureka: The translator (Kyrie Eleison) is busy with real life commitments. So until she comes back, no Heureka.

Holyland: Our translator bailed, so we’re stuck. Any translator out there want to continue the project? 

Kamen Teacher: I’m not too sure what’s going on. xip in NCIS was supposed to upload a chapter to QC for the Christmas release, but he hasn’t logged on since the 20th. So I don’t really know what’s going to happen right now.

Karakuridouji Ultimo: Now that Takei Hiroyuki finished redoing his ending for SK, it was finally announced that this would become a serialization in Jump SQ. I haven’t talked with the friendly people at Whatever if we were going to continue with the project or not. But we have a weeks to talk it over.

Oshitone Tenzen: We have translations coming soon, so there should be a release in the near-future, assuming all goes well.

REAL: We haven’t scanned volume 8 yet, so not much work has started on it yet.

Sengoku: Still looking for a t/l check on the scripts.

Tista: We’ll be redoing volume 1 with tankobons and doing volume 2 that way too. Expect volume releases.

Various Mandala oneshots: We have some translations, but the level of editing is much too difficult for the Editors we have now… So, illiteracy, if you’re reading this… Did I mention I miss you? 🙁


With a few projects nearing the end, and which might end soon, by the way, we’ll still have our hands busy. For example, with Oishii-Manga, when we’re done Elfen Lied, we already have a new manga that we’ll be working on together. Same goes for Izumo no Ryu. We’re not going to pick something up for every project we finish, though.

And finally… We’re looking for Saru Lock Editors. PM me on IRC if you want to help out.

Thanks, have a good one.

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