Merry Christmas!

[Edit]Two new releases, Oton & Mercenary Pierre. Scroll down for info[/Edit]

Well, first of all, Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you’ve had a good Christmas period (Unlike me, working almost 16 hours a day on scanlation o-o).

Well, including One Day 5-6, we’re releasing the equivalent of 53 chapters. If I had an extra day (or even week) the amount would of been greater. :p

A lot of the chapters are things we’ve started working on at some point during the last few months that we’re finishing. Some of which has been worked on and off for over a year, some was done in a 3 hour-span. Some I enjoyed thoroughly, some a little less. But all in all, they’re one.

Before I announce the releases, I’d like to give a big thank you to antifon, Digital_Eon, Zenquibo, Nitouryu and all of the other staff that helped work on all of the chapters we’re releasing today. You guys worked very hard on a lot of different things, and I sincerely thank you for it. If you want to add something to the post, tell me and I’ll edit it `-‘)

I’d also like to give a big shout out to former staff who aren’t around anymore. I still love [most] of you guys. Come on IRC and chat sometimes, will ya? Especially you, illiteracy. I need new music recommendations 🙁

In any case, the releases! I’ll also give a status report on the series.

Battle Royale 2: Blitz Royale 
Chapter 12: !BR12

Project goes along lazily as always. I’ll finish it eventually… eventually.

Volume 4 High Res: !Blood04HQ or !B4HQ
Volume 4 Low Res: !Blood04LQ or !B4LQ

Additional triggers: !Blood01 !Blood02 Blood03HQ Blood03LQ

We’ve started working on volume 5, it’s half done. No ETA yet.

Blood+ A 
Volume 1: !BloodA01 or !BA1

Similar to Blood+. We’ve cleaned the whole volume, just waiting on translations. Roughly 1/3 done, no ETA on it.

Elfen Lied 
Chapter 98: !EL98
Chapter 99: !EL99

Series is being edited, our next EL release will be the remained of volume 12. It might not be that far away in fact. Anath (project leader) wants to finish it before he goes back to school. This doesn’t include the specials.

Full Metal Panic: Sigma 
Volume 01: !Sigma01 or !FMPSigma1

This is what we’ve been working on for a year or so now. We’ll be doing a joint on volume 2, and hopefully it’ll be done soon.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 
Volume 13: !HSDK13

This is mostly for archiving purposes for all 5 of you who actually care about the quality of this series. We’re dropping the series again. All of the staff working on the series has left/disappeared and none of the remaining staff is really intrigued by the series. Unless they come back, it’ll be remaining dropped. This is just releasing what we’ve worked on this year in volume 13 and completing what was incomplete.

Chapter 13: !Jack13 or !Ja13

Well, I scanned all of v2 & v3 I believe. We don’t have a translator for it, though. So, hi translators. Apply. Thanks. `-‘)

Koukou Tekken-den Tough 
Chapter 19 High Res: !KTK19HQ
Chapter 19 Low Res: !KTK19LQ
Chapter 20: !KTK20

Chapter 62: !Lev62 or !Levi62
Chapter 63: !Lev63 or !Levi63
Chapter 64: !Lev64 or !Levi64

This ends volume 11, one volume away from the end. I don’t have any ETA.

Chapter 18: !Man18
Chapter 19: !Man19

Ends volume 2. No ETA for volume 3. However, if you’re a typesetter and want to help out, apply.

Mercenary Pierre 
Chapter 19: !MP19

We’re working on the rest of the series, no real ETA.

One Day 
Chapter 5-6: !OneDay5

Already mentioned it but, One Day is complete. We’ll be doing another series in the near-future. Another Manhua.

Volume 1: !Oton

“So GGpX, when’s the next release of this going to be???” I have no freaking idea. Seriously. zindryr had translated this (Big thank you, btw) over the span of two years, and I’m not quite sure if he’ll want to translate Oton volume 2 any time soon. Just think of this as extra Tough chapters or something ;o

Volume 6: !Riki06 or !RikiOh06
Volume 7: !Riki07 or !RikiOh07
Volume 8: !Riki08 or !RikiOh08

Additional triggers: !Riki01 !Riki02 !Riki03 !Riki04 !Riki05

Yes, finally. 3 volumes worth of some fucking manly stuff. Volume 8 is a great volume, and introduces a fucking badass new bad guy. As for volumes 9-12, let’s just say we’d like to finish off the series to work on more Saruwatari goodness.

Saru Lock 
Chapter 20: !Saru20 or !Lock20
Chapter 21: !Saru21 or !Lock21

Only two chapters of Saru Lock. Right now it’s in a mini-arc (3 chapters total) and the next 3 chapters after will be another mini-arc before starting the fucking awesome HEAVEN’S CROW arc. The Heaven’s Crow arc is a really, really good arc. The best in up to date. By the way, we need editors! Saru Lock is very difficult to edit, so we need editors to increase the release pace.


Now there were things that weren’t finished for various reasons, but we’ll hopefully be finished doing them by New Years.

Well, enjoy!

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