I BLAME² you for dropping it!

Yeah the title is a little deceiving. Well, kinda.

We were supposed to release Blame² today, but then some behind the scenes stuff happened with the translator, and she made the script public and another group scanlated it. Disheartening is a great way of putting it.

So, hopefully, we’ll have a scanlation of that by next week.

We’re looking for all kind of staff for various projects. If you wanna help to increase the release speed of our projects, please apply. Experience is not necessary. Every applicant will be given a test to make sure he or she can live up to our (minimal) expectations. Our standards of recruitment aren’t very high, outside of proofreading and translating.

In any case, here are today’s releases.

Battle Royale 2 ch11. !BR11 is the trigger.
Kamen Teacher 7. !KT7 is the trigger.
Koukou Tekken-den Tough 15-16. !KKT15LQ !KKT15HQ !KKT16LQ !KKT16HQ  are the triggers. LQ = 1,200 height. HQ = 1,600 height. The only difference between the two.
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi 72-73. !SJG72 !SJG73 are the triggers. As of now, this project is officially dropped. If you want to continue reading it, I suggest learning French or Japanese, because TokyoPop’s monstrousity is just that. A monstrousity. But you could still buy it if you want. That or you wait for another scanlation group to pick it up.

We’re getting awfully close to 600 chapters released, we’re at 596 now. We might get there next weekend.

That’s all for today, have a good one.

3 Thoughts to “I BLAME² you for dropping it!”

  1. kuba

    I have very little time at least for next 2 weeks nut i would like to help if there is any thing I can do.

  2. SneakerPimp

    thats what she said GG

  3. eSK_tr0jAn

    im very sad to know that u dropped SJG. i hope someone pick it up soon.

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