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So earlier today I received an order of books in the mail. I got ten (10) books and Morning #36-37. If I had a digital camera I’d show you guys, but instead I’ll just type what I got. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone happier that receives a bunch of books he can’t read! (If that makes any sense)

Bari Haken (njt bought it for me)
Blood+ v5 (Final volume of Blood+. I hope we can release some more soon and finish both series by the end of the year)
Break Free (Collection of Oneshots by Higuchi Daisuke)
FMP Sigma v7 (I wanna do this one day, it’s awesome)
Holyland v5-6 (Online raws for these two volumes sucked)
Kamen Teacher v3-4 (Fun series, pure violence)
Saru Lock v3-4 (Awesome)

Today, we’re releasing a bit of old and a bit of new.

First, Battle Royale 2 ch10. Someone who isn’t worth my time to talk to bothered me about it. So, I just released it. Maybe if the three or four total fans of the series are lucky, I’ll get off my ass and do ch11 soon. But I rather be scanning one of the nine books I got, though. The trigger for that is !BR10.

Second, One Day chapter 1. It’s a short volume (120 pages approx.) containing a few short stories by Benjamin (One of my favorite new artists btw) and 20 illustrations near the end. He’s an excellent color artist, too bad he isn’t as good for his B&W pages, though… The trigger for that is !OneDay1. We’re doing this series as a joint with The Rabbit-Reich (See what happens what you kiss ass? Read one of my posts a few months back ;p). Pay them a visit and give them their thanks!


Third, Saru Lock 14. This was released about 30 minutes after BR2 & One Day. I was originally thinking that it would be for tomorrow. Eh, oh well. Chapter 14 then ends the Drug Master arc. We’ll be taking a short break from Saru Lock (The amount of difficult redraws in the last 6 chapters have been absolutely ridiculous if I can say so myself). The next three arcs are semi-serious, mostly comedy. Except the third arc, there’s no drama. Just pure comedy. Anywho, the trigger for this release is !Saru14. Enjoy.

We’re recruiting Editors, Proofreaders and other positions. Please apply on the forums if you want to help icnrease the release speed of our projects!

Have a good one.

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  1. funny_bunny

    One Day SUX. Saru 4 EVA!!!

  2. Nitouryu

    OH SHIT !!!!!!!1111oneoneoneoneoneoneone

  3. maddy

    thanks for your work!

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