Saru Lock 12

I kinda got screwed at work, money issue. So I’m kinda pissed.

But I got happier when I saw we released Saru Lock 12.

We’re still looking for a group to do a joint with on the project. The group in question would take care of the editing, and we’d handle everything else. We scan the volumes ourselves, so the pages are of excellent quality.

Speaking of which… I need to buy volume 3 soon.

We’re also looking for new Editors (People who clean the pages) for various projects. A typesetter or two for specific projects wouldn’t hurt either. Apply on the forums.

Big thank you to Zenquibo for taking care of the editing process in Saru Lock, god knows that’s annoying.

Saru Lock 12. !Saru12 is the trigger.

3 Thoughts to “Saru Lock 12”

  1. mathi36

    Great manga! Thank you ver much for scanlating it!

  2. JayC

    Hey just wanted to say I absolutely enjoy this manga. Keep up the great work! Cant wait for the next update of Saru Lock.

  3. Lumines

    Yayyy Saru Lock !!! haha love you guys thanks!!!! :laughing:

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