You guys had HOW MANY Editors!?!

Okay, so when I first scanned Saru Lock chapter 9, I said to myself “I feel reaaaaaaalllly bad for whoever’s going to be editing this. The amount of difficult redraws was absolutely ridiculous.  So, I got Zenquibo to split the chapter up between multiple Editors. Next thing I know, we have 8 total Editors working on the chapter (Including myself ._.). Eight! What the shit! So, yeah, thanks to all 7 of you (thx 2 me 2) who helped out on the chapter, even if 2-3 of you aren’t actually in the group, you did good.

Also, new Elfen Lied & new Holyland. Remember, one new EL every other Friday.

All available via IRC. Enjoy.

11 Thoughts to “You guys had HOW MANY Editors!?!”

  1. Bex

    Please don't listen to the spastic who posted above me (If people want faster releases then help the fuck out don't just spam useless comments!) Thank you for 3 Hq releases and I'm espcially thankful for Holyland.

  2. Nitouryu

    Sure thing~ Let me inform other pals: "hei guise, some awesome leecher on the site says we should drop Holyland so it never ever gets released because other groups dont give a flying shit about it. What? We could release this every week if we had a good permanent TS for it? No, no thats a bad idea. This dude is legit. I think he means serious business. .. Yeah we better drop this ASAP."

  3. hehey

    how many chapters of Elfen Lied are left anyway? thanks for holyland.

  4. antifon

    20 chapters left, I think.

  5. manic

    what's the staff situation for Holyland? if you need people for Holyland I might be able to help out (I've got a team of guys not doing that much at the moment :wink:)

  6. Bex

    Whatever, just one comment under mine a staff member stated that if they had 1 just 1 permanent typesetter for it they could release every week. If you or all of these other people like the series that much there is a link to a good hq typesetting tutorial, read it, practice and apply it's not that hard! They may have willing translators/proofers and cleaners but no willing typesetters and forcing various people to work on something they don't like is no way to get faster releases. It's not like they have ever at any point stated they don't like holyland or it's not a top priority it's just apparent that holyland fans would rather bitch and moan as opposed to actually doing the obvious and finding a practical solution. I still stand by a)Your comment was useless, unhelpful spam and b)You are clearly a spaz

  7. GGpX

    o deer it seems some kiddo was spamming… Spam's gone, houray! Bex: Don't worry, I won't. Nitouryu: Sounds like a plan. hehey: There's one special and 20 more chapters left. The series ends at chapter 107. manic: Translated up to chapter 32, edited up to chapter 31 or 32. Don't have a permanent typesetter for it. I can have a "part-time" typesetter, i.e. a typesetter who'll work on it on his spare time because it isn't his main project. But that'll just mean slower releases. Bex (again): Thanks for the advertisement :p It is a good guide, although there are a few things I disagree with, but that's just me.

  8. manic

    @GGpX: Do you have a permanent translator for Holyland? if you do are you interested in doing a joint with my team? if you can hook me up with a translation for a chapter of Holyland, I'll get my team to work on in it and then I'll send it back to you for checking, by doing this you can see if you want to work with us. PS. What's the staff situation for Koukou Tekken-den Tough? do you have people for every position?

  9. manic

    *wishes there was a preview message feature*

  10. GGpX

    I do have a translator for Holyland, although I don't know if he's permanent or not because I don't speak with him often (Just by email once or twice a month at most). He might be, he may not be. I'm hoping he is, though. As for a joint, well if you want an answer right away, then it's no. Because if we find a typesetter for it tomorrow (Doubtful), then there's no point in having a joint. But if I still can't find one in 1-2 weeks from now, then yeah I'd probably consider a joint. Which group, by the way? As for KKTT, it's a lot of me being lazy. Well, lazy and always having something to do these days.

  11. manic

    my group is Wangan Scans, so far we have only scanlated Wangan Midnight and Initial D, but we are now doing a couple of joints with some other groups/people, if you would like a sample of our work I can send you something. If you want some help with KKTT then just let me know, I have joined your forum under the same name "manic".

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