6 Thoughts to “EL 86v2”

  1. Anonymous

    which three pages?

  2. Di

    yea which three pages? :wassat:

  3. antifon

    177, 178 & 193

  4. Anonymous

    Honestly, how are you people suppose to beat EA people with this manga when you people have to run back and fix stuff. I think I picked the wrong horse to win this race.

  5. Digital_Eon

    Wait, sorry, you're not a troll? The fix happened once – I proofread that chapter, and I assure you, that kind of thing almost certainly won't happen again. That was #%*@ing CRAZY. Oh, and there's always the fact that the once-every-two-weeks release schedule is being stuck to. Same pace. The fix doesn't affect that.

  6. GGpX

    Dear Anonymous, We have already defeated Inferior Group. Our releases have superior quality in just about every possible way. There is no "race". If it was all about getting the chapters out the fastest, we would of finished the series 2 years ago with shitty editing, shitty typesetting, and shitty translation, speaking of which… You can stick with Inferior Group's releases if that works for you.

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