Told you so.

Lack of releases sucks. Lack of Editors suckseven more. Hint, hint, apply. To those of you who applied and I haven’tanswered you, sorry. I’m just not always around, and when I am I don’t reallythink much about applicants unless they’re on IRC. I’ll try toget to your applications this week between finding a full time job, studyingfor my driver’s test and some other stuff. Again, sorry.

So recently someone on the Something Awful Forums mentioned our scanlations of Riki-Oh, which ispretty awesome since SA have really awesome forums. I guess I’ll try a littleharder to find people to edit.

Random news;

-I’m still looking for a new group to work with on Saru Lock. You’ll be takingcare of the editing only.
-I’ll probably have an announcement or two the next time we have a big release.It’ll probably be a pretty important announcement, too.
-I would like to scanlate more Mandala stuff, since it has a lot of interestinglooking stuff. So, look forward to more stuff in the future.
-Speaking of Mandala, I had a translator for Blame^2 (Keyword: Had).Looks like it was too difficult for him, so I’d need a new translator toscanlate it.

Chapters released today:

Diadem. !Diadem is the trigger. Oneshot by Boichi.
Mercenary Pierre 12-13. !MP12-!MP13 are the triggers, and this endsvolume 2. Halfway mark.

Outside of these chapters, I don’t have anything close to being ready toscanlate, so it’ll probably be another week or two without a release (Unlessone of the groups we work with have something to release, which is a wholeother story).

Anyway, that’s all from me. Have a good one.

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