Not quite a Riki-Oh Friday, but…

It’s pretty close to it!

Today we have:

Gantz 272 & 273. Both are available in #whatever for the time being. I willupdate our bottom later this afternoon.

That being said, stick around. I’ll be releasing stuff and announcing somethings.

Well it’s 5PM EST, and I just released a bunch of stuff (10 chapters total):

Gantz 272-273. !Gantz272 & !Gantz273 are the triggers.
Kamen Teacher 03. !KT03 is the trigger. If the bot is too slow, getit in #NCIS. They’re nice people, I swear!
Koukou Tekken-den Tough 11-12. There are plenty of triggers, one for HQ (1,600height) & one for LQ (1,200 height). Triggers are !KKT11HQ !KKT11LQ!KKT12HQ !KKT12LQ
Saru Lock Volume 01. So chapter 1 wasn’t perfect, but sue me. I did what Icould without the psd files. Anyway the trigger is !Saru1 OR !Saru01. Bigthank you to the cleaners who helped clean this on short notice, SneakerPimp,Zenquibo, antifon, BlueShoe, Dumb_Gear (Just kidding I love you, you stinkyRussian <3), Nitouryu & Xiphias.


We’re gonna be dropping Full Metal Panic & Ultimo. We’ll also be dropping2-3 other projects in the following weeks, probably after doing some work tofinish the last few chapters we’ll be releasing of them. One of them is fairlyobvious (hint hint) and the other two… Not so much.

We at Illuminati-Manga are still looking for a group to do a joint with on SaruLock. We don’t have the manpower to keep releasing at a steady pace. We’relooking for a group that can do the editing. The editing includes a lot ofredraws, and the occasional double page. If you’re interested, PM me on IRC oron the forums.

By the way, we need some cleaners. I’d like to finish volume 3 of Holyland inthe semi-near future (We have the trans for it). I’d also like to get some workdone on Saru Lock v2 & Riki-Oh. If you’d like to help out, apply on theforums.

Have a good one.


Ummm… So the Project Page won’t let me log in. Nice. So, I’ll update itwhenever it allows me to. : /

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