Post-April Fools news

Well it looks like theRussian (DDR – Deus_Gear) made an attempt to RickRoll some of you. I hope not too many of you fell for it.

In any case, some news some of you might find interesting.

-We have enough proofreaders, thank you for applying. We could always use more Translators, Editors & Typesetters, though 

-We’ll make a v2 of Saru Lock ch1 eventually. The thing is, the guy who edit & typeset the chapter (edward1087) has the PSD files and has been MIA for over 2 months now. So, instead of waiting for god knows how much more time for him, we just released it when it wasn’t all that good. A below-standard¬†release, really. In any case, whenever/if ever he comes back, we’ll make a v2. As for chapter 2, it’ll be probably out sooner than later… Hopefully.

-There probably won’t be a release this Friday, and if there is, it’ll probably be a small release of one chapter.

-There’s going to be a delay on HSDK for a week or two, because the typesetter has to study for finals.

-We’re going to try to get Blood+ v3 finished up… 3/4 of it is typeset, and someone offered to typeset it. So, we’ll see how that goes. Same goes for Chrno Crusade Anothers.

Ummm… I think that’s all.

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