Friday Release.

Today is Riki-Oh Friday! Anyway, to the point. We’re releasing:

Holyland Chapter 22. Type !Holy22 for it, or !Holy21 for chapter 21.

Manhole Chapter 16. Type !M16 to download.

Riki-Oh Chapter 16. Type !Riki16 to download. If you want volumes 1 or 2, type !Riki01 or !Riki02. If you want chapters 13 to 15, type !Riki13 !Riki14 or !Riki15.

This Riki-Oh chapter is special. The reason being, it’s the introduction of a special character. A character that Capcom had taken for their internationally known video game.

I call him… M. Bison!


11 Thoughts to “Friday Release.”

  1. Pedobear

    Elfen Lied, I is begging u! :'(

  2. NoAnger

    🙂 awesome releases loved the holyland chapter great build up of tension can't wait for the next one

  3. Digital_Eon

    I feel very offended that the first person who comments does not seem to care about the hard work put into these releases but rather demanding another manga. At least we have one kind person so far who bothers to read something else.


    I love you guys for translating RIKI-OH. I love you guys so much.

  5. Ray

    Just wondering but does anyone know if Gantz is coming out this week?

  6. thekillerxyz

    nice work guys :laughing: elfen lied is hasen't been released since december does anyboy here know why there hasn't been yet? :wassat:(just want to know nothing offensive)

  7. Pedobear

    No offences, plzthx for the works, but I is being addicted to the elfen liedz ^^

  8. KirbyStyle


  9. Pedobear

    I can haz Elfen Liedz? :3

  10. Ray

    What's so good about elfen lied? I think its shitty. All that bullshit about horns and hands doesn't seem worth the time.

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