HSDK 97 is out~

Available at the usual place.

Come this discuss the new chapter on our forums here.

So I noticed that some new group did their own scanlation of HSDK, which kinda disappoints me. Not to mention we could use some help on the chapters to increase the release rate. Now I know how it feels like to be in k-manga and having your projects stolen. It sure does suck.

In any case, enjoy. If you feel like helping us scanlate, feel free to apply. 😉

3 Thoughts to “HSDK 97 is out~”

  1. thekillerxyz

    how could the do something like that…

  2. Xavier

    well if another group suddenly turns up and tries to finish a job an already awesome group has started what can you expect? Its just the other group trying to steal the glory from here!

  3. ali3n

    The releases would be so much faster if they just worked with you instead of against you…

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