There’s a release(!!!)

Yeah, here’s the release.

Dragonhead 75 & 76.
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 96


Okay so I lied. It’s 11.55PM EST and there was a peak of 117 people tonight. Oh well.

I dub that today, Friday, and all Fridays, shall be known as the day Riki-Oh comes and rocks your ass.

Done deal?


It’s just past 3AM EST as I post this, and we have more releases for you.

Mercenary Pierre Chapters 4-5
Sengoku Chapters 1v2 – 2 *

*The v2 is an improved translation which includes many fixes. Chapter 2 has also been T/L checked, and all of the following chapters will be as well.

Enjoy your seinen.

DDL for all releases (greetz Guybrush)

14 Thoughts to “There’s a release(!!!)”

  1. Karan

    What are the chances that "something else" is an Elfen Lied chapter? If it,s high enough, I might just have to hire 300 hobos and send them to a bunch of Cybercaf

  2. GGpX

    Nope, sorry. Illu-only project. Not with another group.

  3. KirbyStyle

    :crying: No Elfen Lied?

  4. qwerty

    Thanks for the Kenichi!

  5. Toku

    another kenichi pls :tongue:

  6. Serenity

    Good joke guys, you can post Elfen Lied now!

  7. Serenity

    No seriously guys, you had your laugh now post up Elfen Lied!

  8. kriptonima

    Thanks for Sengoku~

  9. alpha1

    ya, im with serenity, the joke is over, you can post the elfen lied now. :crying:

  10. MarOS

    lmao- ahhh this is funny ^-^

  11. kakar

    Thanks for releasing kenichi 🙂

  12. Kokusen

    That's really great! I was waiting for Sengoku releases! You guys rock! It's really great that you also fixed the chapter 1 release!

  13. funnelcaek


  14. pedobear

    Nice starters, when will the real release be? Tomorrow? ^^

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