25 Thoughts to “New Stuff Soon”

  1. Random Leecher

    Such a post means your probably planning on a big release day. Big releases usually include Elfen Lied. Awsome.

  2. thekillerxyz

    i'm waiting :laughing:

  3. alpha1

    if big release = elfen lied, then WOOT

  4. Holy land fan

    pls let holyland b part of the releases

  5. Shigeru

    When comes out some of sdk? :wassat:

  6. KirbyStyle

    PLEASE BE ELFEN LIED! Im excited! I love that manga!

  7. Xavier

    nice to see everyone excited about (hopefully) more Elfen lied! can't say im not one of them :laughing:

  8. Maggotcorps

    Of course HSDK should be included, cause the next chapter is in quality check for at least over a week if not longer 🙂

  9. Maggotcorps

    Sorry for double post, but I'm not sure about Elfen Lied 😉 It's all just marked as edited nothing else 🙂 I don't know how long the download section didn't got updated but if what it says is true then Elfen Lied wouldn't be included 🙂

  10. Pedobear

    Nooooo, need EL, i'm suffering from withdrawal! :'(

  11. Serenity

    Need Elfen Lied!!

  12. MarOS

    lol- now they have no choice they have to release EL or some heads might roll XD

  13. Ranndolf

    Hi! People from Poland also wait for Elfen Lied ^^ I hope that you release this Manga 🙂

  14. KirbyStyle

    Heh, heads roll, Elfen Lied, heh, Ironic.

  15. Guybrush

    oh dear,oh dear what a tension here… and think about it: heads roll –> less staff –> slower releases so spare us (but hey – maybe there\'s an El release – who knows) Guybrush

  16. Maggotcorps

    ROFL guys 🙂 If EL isn't ready for a release then it's not. I didn't want to upset anyone ;D I just read the status of them in the Download section so I don't know anything 🙂 It was just a guess 😉 And it seems like the download section didn't got updated for a little while now 🙂 So maybe everything in there isn't up to date anymore ;D

  17. Pedobear

    Saying stuff like "but hey – maybe there's an El release – who knows" is getting us pretty hyperactive ^^

  18. Patrik

    Judging from peoples reactions and anticipation here, I would say Elfen Lied is a favourite to many 🙂

  19. KirbyStyle

    Its my favorite.

  20. Maggotcorps

    well, it's a famous manga, like HSDK too 😉 I just hope that this "Soon" won't take to long ;D

  21. Random Leecher

    ^One week for each "o" in "Soooooon"

  22. GGpX

    Huh. Stupid Russian, you're setting yourself up to be ripped on. o-o That being said, there might be a release tomorrow. Keyword, might. The release'll have more than a chapter included. It won't be 10~ chapters, mind you. Probably 2-3 chapters, maybe more if I ever get to work on what I've started…

  23. Roicon

    I hope, there is release tomorrow the suspense is killing me.

  24. Zenquibo

    I actually hope there will be one today >_> Im kinda bored… (and not in the mood for anything work related)

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