We’re two years old~!


Has it really been 2 years since this group’s started up? Jeez… Time flies.

Well, I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to the group over the last 2 years and helped build up the reputation (I dunno what our rep is, really. I should idle in #lurk more often to find out.) we have today.

Big thanks to the leechers, even the whining & unappreative ones who want faster releases (Psst… Get me some more staff and the releases will be coming out real fast, I swear!)

And as thanks, we have a small release (When compared to last year’s release… But that’s what you get with so little staff ;p) for you:

KouKou Tekken-den Tough Chapter 01 (New Series, the prequel to Tough)
Riki-Oh Chapters chapters 3 to 6 (Ending Volume 01)
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi chapters 61-62 (Ending Volume 07)

I hope you enjoy~

PS: Let’s talk on the forums about the series. We have a new forum, it’s kinda plain, but let’s use it this time ;p

PPS: The translator of Riki-Oh, Molokidan, is writting an online novel (Which is very cool, btw) and I’d like you guys to take a look when you had the time.


added the DDLs

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