This Old Man, He Played Sick…

In case any of you misunderstood, by “Last Chapter”, Namonaki meant last Chrno Crusade chapter.

The chapter for tonight (since, technically, the Chrno Crusade chapter was for yesterday night) will be delayed until tomorrow.
As Yuumei puts it:
“Hello everyone! Due to some minor set backs, we were unable to release a chapter today. To make it up to you, we have a special treat for tomorrow. Its a SUPER DUPER RELEASE!! Aren’t you excited? Stay posted and look for it tomorrow! Thanks~”

Also, interesting tidbit: Yuumei enjoys pina coladas [well, actually, I don’t know] and long typesetting sessions in the bathtub. If you see Yuumei’s name in the credits, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at one point or another, it was worked on in the tub. Unfortunately, this gem is already married, so eat your hearts out~

There will be two releases tomorrow, you can bet on it. If there isn’t, please pick up the nearest stone, find t1uper, and proceed to hurl them at him until there is.

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