Gantz 241-242

Gantz 241-242 is out. Time to watch the bashers as they turn into ass kissers (Hi Supert5).

By the way, if you don’t like waiting for us and the ungodly ammount of time we take into making the scanlations, there’s always Shocwave as an option. Besides, feel free to pick another scanlation group over us! You’re sucking up their bandwidth instead of ours. o;

Or, heck, there’s a public translation & a public raw. You could, I don’t know, make your own scanlations. Such a tough job, isn’t it? God forbid you actually doing something for the community. 🙂

Well, enjoy. Have fun ~


PS: Make my day and complain some more when we don’t release Gantz 2 days after the public raw comes out. Seriously. Do it. I’ll just tell everybody involved to stop working on it and to focus on something else.

PPS: Although I say that, I won’t let one 30 year old virgin faggot ruin it for everybody else.

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