AnimeKoko Down?

The HTTP server hosting our releases is currently unaccessible.

Maybe it’s some minor downtime and it’ll be fixed by tomorrow morning, but in case it isn’t- This is just to let you know that we know.

Anyways, by the off chance that it’s still offline, while I or one of my co-workers contact Kei, the webmaster, you will either have to get our releases via IRC at #lurk or our channel ( or if you’re looking for Elfen Lied, you can use Oishii-Manga’s bots instead at their channel (#oishii-manga) or just pop by if you’re not a big fan of IRC (You can also find some Gantz chapters, but not all of them).

Stoptazmo is always an option, but I find that their downloads don’t work for me. Hope you have better luck.

It’s been quite a while since I last posted the news or worked on everything, but I guess I can place the blame squarely on how hetic my life has been.

For your sake and mine, I’ll spare both of us the details.

(Also, I’ve taken the liberty of updating the packlist… Here.)

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