In the Heat of the Moment…

Today was an interesting day, to say at the least. I started the morning with some web browsing… To see that the first five sites I go to are ‘shut down’. The first time I see it, I don’t panic- due to the nature of the site, I knew it was only a matter of time… But it wasn’t long before I began to suspect that somebody, somewhere had given the order and now companies everywhere were cracking down on the internet. I almost contemplated jumping into the car and driving all the way to Sweden. Sure, it might be a coincidence when a site or two is down around the same time, but when almost every single site you go to is suddenly ‘shut down’ without notice… You get that deep sinking feeling, you know, the feeling that you get when you’re caught. Caught masturbating, cheating with your best friend’s wife, constipation- whatever.

Then, I went to Illuminati-Manga’s website, and it became clear to me that today was thatday. The day where you can’t be sure of anything, since it might be a prank. Some of them were quite elaborate too, and even with the knowledge that it’s most likely fake- I still wasn’t sure whether it was real or not.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed our not-so-original prank. It wasn’t that hard to figure out, unless you didn’t have a calendar and/or had no idea who the RIAA and Toonami were. It tied in kind of nicely with Manga Jouhou’s new joke article too. It was interesting how that worked out, and with some speculation on your part- you could’ve hypothesized that we were shut down due to the pressure from the new publisher.

Don’t be too angry about not being able to access the site- Most of the staff members didn’t even know about the prank and some actually believed it. And a couple of us were annoyed with not being able to access too, but we couldn’t reverse the changes till:
A) April Fools was over.
B) The Pranker reversed the joke himself… Most of us don’t have the ability to change the site cosmetically.

P.S.- Our original April Fools Joke was supposed to be a joke chapter, but April the 1st came so fast that we weren’t able to do it… Although, other staff members might’ve without my knowledge, since I’ve heard that there’s a Naruto ch302 by Illuminati floating around there somewhere.

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