Black Cat Finale

Histories Strongest Disciple Kenich Chapter 24
Full Metal Panic Chapter 6
Black Cat Chapters 184 and 185

There you have it folks. Black Cat is finally over. In the short amount of time that the project has been going on, Tokiyasama translated 15 chapters, and I edited 15 chapters. I started editing on the 6th of March, it is now (according to my clock) the 1st of April. In just 3 and a half weeks, that’s 15 chapters guys! That’s a lot of work. But it pays off, who knows how long it would’ve taken us to find out the rest of the story if we hadn’t done it. I’m going to miss doing it though, Black Cat has been one of my favourite mangas ever since it was being released by Toriyama World. Whenever Yabuki Kentaro starts up his next manga, I’ll definately be there to see it get scanslated. But for now, enjoy what is Black Cat, and rest easily as you know you can finally read the entire series from start to end.

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