Loads of Chapters

Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi Chapter 023
Full Metal Panic Chapters 004 and 005
Elfen Lied Chapters 043 and 044
Evangelion Chapter 004

Hey there folks. This post really should go before Slice_NDice’s, since it mostly deals with chapters that were done before his, but oh well! The evangelion chapter link to the forum post is also here, since Slice didn’t put that in his post. As you can see… we have a load of updates @.@ That’s 6 chapters! (Given that one chapter is only 6 pages… but hey, it’s still a chapter). GGPx makes a small return and contributes two Full Metal Panic chapters, so if you’re a fan of them, go get them!
Anyways, enjoy the releases… I’m supposed to be doing homework!

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