New Joint…

Well, as you’ve no doubt noticed, our pace has slowed down considerably when it comes to our releases… Due to an assortment of difficulties. I know that it’s a free service and all, like some of you’ve mentioned in the comments of my last news post- but with all the assurances and claims made, I have to at least have the decency to feel a bit disappointed at the fact that we haven’t released as soon as possible for the public.
Anyways, we’ve decided to turn Gantz into a joint project with TOWNL, the folks who bring you Death Note, who have cleaners rumored to work magic- even making the most ugly of raws beautiful for you. This’ll open our inept editors up (myself included) to work faster on other projects, and Relf is in the process of getting the rest of our staff off their asses and working productively, so you should see more releases and less apologizes soon in the news section.
Who knows, maybe by then I’ll turn into a cruel editor and laugh and threaten to with hold releases instead of apologizing about being late with them. Develop the whole ‘superiority’ attitude. I wouldn’t count on it though.

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