Tribal Gear – Ghost Tail Ostrakon


Yuki Izumi’s Tribal Gear, which first began serialization in Online Manga e-manga, and later published in print for the first time in Mandala Issue #01, continued publication in 2007 in Morning 2.

What exists in the head of author Yuki Izum is this enormous variety of unique characters occupying an infinite void of space. This work is a skivit, so to speak, of an overall larger piece.

Ostrakon means a piece of broken pottery. It’s a fragment, which invites an endless fantasy of assumptions toward the piece’s original shape, and that kind of soft, whispering beauty wafts about this work.

One is led to wonder when the entirety of the world of Tribal Gear will be revealed or how far the reader will want to be chased until the end has been told.

Mangaka: Yuki Izumi

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