Jinsei 111 (And belated anniversary)

Good morning,

Firstly, it was the group anniversary on Friday. We had our first release on November 11th 2005, which now makes us 17 years old. Hard to believe I’ve been doing this for 17 years now. Time really does fly by.

We were planning to have a release as we usually do, but we’re old and grumpy now, with real life responsibilities that prevent us from doing as much scanlation work as we used to.

But still, thank you to everyone who’s helped out over the years, whether it was for a few chapters or for tons of volumes, the countless amount of hours you’ve put in is appreciated.

And now…

Jinsei 111 (!Kizu111) – Sometimes I’d like to ask Jinsei if he has any ability to think critically, and not just jump in head first after someone tells him a story. I doubt our balding protagonist does, though.

See you next week!

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