You Loved Me So Much It Hurt 31

You Loved Me So Much It Hurt, ch31 (!Kimi31) – trigger on irc. Well well well, after 18 month hiatus we got 10 month hiatus, but this time it wasn’t author’s fault, rather the fault of supply lines and Canadian government going full retard (Junior Castro needs to go back to Cuba). Also, technically it’s still September 30th in US-of-A at the time of release, so I kept my release promise.

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  1. a

    thanks; would you consider picking up “Watashi no Hara no Naka no Bakemono” too? 🙂

  2. SomeWeirdo

    Thank you for translating this! I really want to know how the story continues. I hope we’ll see more chapters in the future, looks like vol. 6 of the tankoubon is already out.

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