Kizu 55

Good morning.

I wake up just before 6AM every day and I’m starting to get rather annoyed that it’s dark outside when I wake up. A rough reminder of what’s to come.

Kizu 55 (!Kizu55) – I’ve been so busy this month that I don’t even remember what the chapter was about. Hell, I asked Nitouryu what the status of Cobra v15 was and he told me that we released it nearly 3 weeks ago. I had even given him suggestions on some QC changes, and it’s been completely wipped from my memory. But knowing the author, this chapter is probably tremendous. A big thank you again to Hokuto no Gun for their help on the series, and a big shoutout to them for reaching 10 years of having (at least) one release / day. That is a pretty amazing feat.

And I’m off. See you next week, or maybe later this week, I dunno.

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