I’m celebrating my birthday with a swollen foot

Good afternoon/night or even July 24th,

It’s the annual birthday release and as usual, we end up doing a ton of the work in the last 48 hours.

A big, big thank you to Nitouryu, zeraki and Akacz13 for doing a lot of the redrawing work to make a lot of these reeleases possible. Thank you also to illiteracy, Modi, memin, tim and tim for their help, goosnboos and Ko-chan for translating.

And now…

Dining Where You Eat And Drink 03 (!JEM03) – Josei Eating Manga 3. A fun little oneshot. I hope someone can tell the poor woman…

Dokuro 5 (!Dokuro05) – The fifth chapter of the original version of this story. We had planned on releasing more of this, but we weren’t able to wrap it up. Hopefully in the near-distant future…

Eye of Homunculus (!EyeHomunc) – A joint project with TEAMCRAZYROADRACING – Please visit them and give them your thanks. This is a oneshot related to the original Homunculus series. The volume is close to 200 pages, but the oneshot only 20% of that. The other 80% is psychological discussion that, to be perfectly honest, we’re not looking to translate. Unless you know of someone who’s crazy enough to translate the whole thing, in which case, send him my way.

Heroes 1-2 (!Heroes01 !Heroes02) – So, we had done the Heroes oneshot many years ago, which ended up getting continued. So chapter 1 is almost identical to the oneshot, but chapter 2 is a continuation. We should be getting around to the following chapters in the next few weeks. A big thank you to my man illiteracy for his work on this series. There’s a few redraws in the next chapters that are absolutely fucking crazy and he makes ’em look naturally.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v29 (!Tough29) – The centerpiece of the release. This series will be the end of me, but I still love it. It’s so fun. Fictional Mark Kerr Vs Fictional Rickson Gracie? Why, yes I will. Major shoutout to zeraki for doing the majority of the redraws in the volume. You’re a gangster.

Manchuria Opium Squad 14-16 (!Opium14 !Opium15 !Opium16) – This concludes volume 2 and I now have to catch up with the work we have ready for Volume 3.

Sasori 46 (!Sasori46) – We continue to plow through these, one by one.

The Blue Hole 11 (!BH11) – We released this a little bit earlier today, but this concluded volume 1. A big thank you as always to Hokuto no Gun.

The Hard 14 (!Hard14) – A big thank you to Ryuna for translating the chapter. It’s a one-off chapter from him, but hey, we’re one step closer to getting near the end. Anyone love gritty and violent seinen that wants to help? 🙂

Tokyo Alien Brothers (!TAB15) – Three more to go. A pretty eventful chapter, the SFX are death. Major thanks to the typesetting gangster, tim3. A big thank you to SevenFacedBird for the translation.

I’m going to put my swollen foot up, and try to watch the NHL draft. See you next year.

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  1. Happy birthday!

    and thanks for the cool shit, especially Asano.

  2. Bahlskra

    Thanks and happy birthday to you, hopefully your foot get better !

  3. happy birthdat

    Koukou 😀 thanks still going strong after dozen of years

  4. WildCrow

    Thank you so much for the updates

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