Kizu 30

So my bosses told us last week that because there was going to be a huge spike in work over the next fourteen or so days, that we would be allowed “unlimited overtime.” I asked them if they were sure about this.

Why yes GGpX, it’s been confirmed to us by upper management.

No, I mean, like, are you sure that it’s really unlimited.

Why yes GGpX, it’s unlimited, you have no limit.

Oooooookay then! 6 days and 61 hours of overtime later, and as I’m starting on day 7, I wonder if they’ll regret it.

Kizu 30 (!Kizu30) – A big thanks again to zeraki for the redrawing help & to Hokuto no Gun for the translations. If you’re on Discord, go join their channel. They’re like 2 away from a thousand.

Back to work I go. Byebye.

(DDL will be on Discord eventually when the Latvijan wakes up)

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