15 years later…

First of all, happy Remembrance / Veterans Day. If you see a war veteran, please thank them for their service, regardless of what your political affiliations might be. If your political beliefs stop you from thanking them, then you have some real soul searching to do.

We’re now 15 years old. Every year we have a new anniversary, I always scratch my head and wonder how we lasted so long.

remembers promise about Koukou Tekken-den Tough

Ah, right, that’s why. That 42 volume juggernaut.

A BIG, HEARTY THANK YOU TO: Nitouryu, illiteracy, dh85, laika raika, Molokidan, njt, tim, Koala, Zenquibo, Phaedris, momimomi, and countless others that have helped out over the years. This isn’t a one man team; I would have died a long time ago if it was.

Now, the releases…

Horobishi Kemonotachi no Umi – Extra / Chapter 8 (!Horo08) – So here’s the thing. Hoshino Yukinobu has a lot manga that has been published, but a lot of them have been done in multiple publishers. That’s the case for Horobishi, Distand Dawn, Legend of Giants, etc. So, the result? Multiple covers, more color pages and from time to time, more chapters. You know why Distant Dawn was almost 500 pages? 4 different volumes with a bunch of different stories. Such was the case with Horobishi. I bought a different edition only to find out there was another chapter in there that we didn’t do… because it wasn’t in the volume we scanned. So of course, I contacted known gangster Hox and he obliged me. A big thank you to Hox for translating the extra chapter.

Sasori 41 (!Sasori41) – With Molo retiring for good, we found ourselves a new translator. Sweet! 🙂

Space Adventure Cobra 20 (!SAC20) – A hundred pages for one chapter! Enjoy.

Tokyo Alien Brothers 13 (!TAB13) – The chapter has a fancy twist, along with more earthly explorations.

So, upwards and onwards to… hopefully not 15 more years, I really will be too old for this shit.

(Watch me look back on this post when I’ll be in my mid-40s and shame myself into noticing that we haven’t finish Koukou Tekken-den Tough yet.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy anniversary and thanks for the releases.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    I rarely interact with any scanlation groups, but seeing Horobishi Kemonotachi no Umi pop up in my mangaupdates list, with the last release being 8 years ago, inspired me to leave a comment for you guys.

    I’ve been following many of your releases for the better part of these last 15 years. I don’t go out looking for manga you guys have translated (though maybe I should start), but it’s often the case that I stumble across something interesting, and you guys are the one’s that translated it.

    Seeing the scanlation scene change so much over the past decade has often left me feeling bummed. It really does seem like there are fewer groups than ever interested in scanning these off-the-beaten-path series. While Anime and Manga have exploded since I first discovered Love Hina streaming on Winamp, it seems like the hobby has become more and more homogenized.

    So, with that in mind, I really want to thank you guys for keeping up the good fight all of these years. I don’t know how much visibility you have into the readership of your scans, but I really want to convey the appreciation I have for the work you guys do, as I’m sure everyone who reads any of your work does.

    Thank you all!

  3. NightDonovan

    Incredible. Those who love quality mangas owe scanlators so much. You know the ones, still kick or otherwise.

    You are remembered. TY for scanlating!

  4. I’m in my mid forty years now and i started to follow you maybe not from your beginnings…i was following many groups that now are no more :(. I’m nearly sure to have somewhere some of your early Gantz,Kenichi,Tough,Riki oh and Blood+ chapters. I thank you for all of your dedication and time spent doing something i haven’t done and something that maybe i’m not able to do. I admire you in that way because for a little time i tried to do something similar translating official english scans in my native language. It was something extremely exciting and frustrating at the same time, time to time learning very simple basic rudiments cleaning and polishing scans already cleaned and polished.

    Well talking about you and you all, thank you so much. I’m happy you’re doing it right now and every release you’ll announce, even those i’m not interested in to, make me “thrill”.

    Praise you.

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