Eatery 01 & Kizu 18 & Some News

The Eatery For Dining And Drinking c01 (!Eatery01) – A nice 1 volume long Josei series about food and some girl-on-girl stuff, just the way I like my Josei. While we are a majorly Seinen group, I do like my well crafted Josei stories, but we never have translators for them, so big thanks to our new translator holi for working on it!
Kizu 18 (!Kizu18) – Missus is a mighty fine woman if I can say so myself, aint she? One more chap and v03 is a wrap.

There was a bit of a gap in our releases this month, no particular reason, often multiple projects are in different states of “done” and sometimes it converges with us either releasing many things in a short time or nothing for a longer time.

On to some sad news.
The Machine, the Legend, the Man himself — Molokidan has retired from high-seas of translation. The Entity behind HQ translation of many thousand chapters. If you are reading older or bizarre Seinen, you have 100% read his translations at some point. I’m not big with words, so I won’t go an a long tirade, but let it be known that Molokidan was the greatest manga translator I had the pleasure to work with, and I’m sorry for being so slow sometimes, a lot more projects could have been done if I wasn’t busy with my life, but what’s done is done. A big loss to Scanlation community. I wish him all the best and thank you for your tremendous work!
You can learn more about him from this 2010 interview

With his departure the following projects are stalled until we can find a new translator:
Dokuro (2002)
Idiot Section Chief
The Hard

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  1. BerserkerDog

    Thank you and goodbye Molokidan!

  2. Dang, sad to hear Molokidan retired from translating. I was hoping he could help me with reviving a project he formerly did with Golden Roze Scans, but alas, it just wasn’t in the cards.

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