A birthday worth celebrating, I guess?


Another year, another new birthday. No grey hair yet, but give me another decade and I should be seeing some. Maybe.

So today I turned 32 and I decided like two months ago to organize a release on my birthday. I dunno what the reasoning behind it is, to be honest. Why aren’t I the one getting gifts? I guess any reason is good enough, to be honest.

First of all, a big thank you to korvas, Panduh_ and Mon for helping out with all the redraws. They’re a pain in the ass, especially with some of these. Christ. A big thank you to Nitouryu & tim for their work on pretty much everything, you’re the best. Thanks to Molokidan, Koala, Bird-chan for translating three chaps (while I did 3 full volumes, #humblebrag).

Alright, so…

Kimi 20 (!Kimi20) – I think the retards on MD are going to be loving this chapter. The magnet of low-information simpletons in the comments section is going to be tremendous to read. I think reading the comments for the series is more entertaining than the series itself, because boy oh boy… Oh, the series itself is good too I guess. ?_?

Shamo v34 – End (!Shamo34) – It was a long-time coming, but Shamo is finally done and fuck this artist, man. This cocksucker mailed it in for the last 2 & a half volumes. It was easy as hell to translate both v33 & v34, though. Took me 2 & a half hours each.

The Hard 13 (!Hard13) – As we’ve seen with all of Saruwatari’s mangas, there has to be a prison arc. We just got out of Kizu’s prison arc and we’re now entering The Hard’s prison arc. Welp, cool.

Tokyo Alien Bros 12 (!TAB12) – As far as I’m concerned, this is my favorite chapter in the whole series. “Tremendous” -Joey Diaz. This also concludes volume 2. Big thank you to tim & korvas for their work on this chapter, they did the bulk to the work.

Oh, right, one last thing:

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v26-27 – (!Tough26 !Tough27) – At long fucking last! I actually had to look up when our last release was and it went back to August 2016. Christ. So it’s been nearly 4 years. These two volumes were a major, major pain in the ass. There were a lot of redraws, a lot of them were incredibly tedious and they just killed motivation. Thankfully, we got three applicants who helped out in a very big way and we made it. Thanks to Panduh, korvas & Mon. We’ve moved on from the fire! …and right into the frying pan with v28+. 27 down, 15 to go. We’ll get there eventually.

I bet like a hundred people are going to read Kimi, with a dozen reading TAB and 3 combined people total reading the rest. All 115 of you, enjoy.

5 Thoughts to “A birthday worth celebrating, I guess?”

  1. Rowan

    The long awaited return of Koukou Tekken-den Tough! Thanks man you guys are awesome. Also happy birthday.

  2. Zatecaz

    i’m one out of the three… Thank you as always

  3. Jackson

    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Max

    Thanks for the release I’d love to see this series finish

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