Shamo v33


This was something of a long time coming. Basically, we had no editor for it and without that, I had no motivation to translate it 🙂

Lo and behold, an old editor of mine returns, wants some work, wraps up v33 and a few days later, I’ve translated & typeset it. Currently, the editor’s doing some work for his university project and once he’s done, we’ll do v34 & wrap up this series.

(See what happens when we get help? A good 10 days of releases every day! 🙂 )

Shamo v33 (!Shamo33) Trigger will be fixed when Nitouryu wakes up.

This will be the last of our consecutive releases. This wasn’t done on purpose or anything, we literally just had a lot of things wrap up at the same time. For example, Idiot Section Chief was typeset nearly a month ago, but the redraws were… hellish.

In any case, until next time with (hopefully) some more Saruwatari!

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