Dokuro (2002) ch1

You know, this has been an excellent week for my Saruwatari projects.

Wrapped up Zig, some cleaning done on some certain series (surprises coming soon!), I’m pleasantly happy.

Now, for today’s release.

Dokuro 2002 ch1 (!Dokuro01) – Now, I know what you might be thinking: Didn’t you motherfuckers already release this? And you’re right. Kind of. Here’s the deal. Saruwatari initially authored the series Dokuro with an artist named Hayashi Nobuyasu back in 2002 and it was published in the monthly magazine, Business Jump. This was the artist’s only professional work, as far as I can tell. I don’t know what happened, but this story was told in one volume, then afterwards Saruwatari published a Dokuro oneshot (this time as the author & artist) in Business Jump, and shortly after started the serialization of his own Dokuro series.

Also of note, on top of what the original artist did, Saruwatari drew his own ending to this volume after the original work.

Regardless, it’s dark, it’s violent, it’s bloody, it’s right up my alley. Enjoy.

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