You Loved Me So Much It Hurt 15

You Loved Me So Much It Hurt, ch15 (!Kimi15) – volume 3 will provide us with some deeper insights into inner workings of girl’s “clique”. What a terrifying thing it is.

We also have new series called Oren’s in joint with guys from Hokuto no Gun. I think it will be a weekly series.

What took you 2 months? Well, I had a nice ski vacation in the Alps at the start of the year, it was so good that I lost any will to work (actual work and scanlations) and just chilled out in February. But I’m slowly getting back into things now.

I also got sick after traveling, but it’s all good now. Don’t think it was the big C as I was on the french side of Alps, well away from the italian coofers.

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