Yankee Gone to Juku – C’est la fin.

Good evening.

After nearly 35 straight weeks with a chapter of Yankee go to Juku, we’ve finally wrapped it up.

Yankee go to Juku 35 End (!Juku35) – You know, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing weekly releases for a little over half a year. Time has really flown by. I’d like to thank Nuwang for translating the series, go visit his site here. A big thank you to Matto24 for cleaning v01, and then to Nitouryu for taking over at volume 2 for the rest of the series. Another big thank you to tim for the help on a looooot of sfx & signs. I hate sfx & signs.

As some of you might know, there’s a sequel to Yankee go to Juku, it’s called Jukusei Ikariishi-kun. The plan is to get to it one day. Nuwang seems interested in doing it later on in the year, probably when he has more time irl. Personally, I’m glad we’re done with the weekly releases. There were a lot of releases that had me up veeeeery late on a Thursday to finish it up, simply because I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work on it. Even tonight, I was supposed to be in bed at 10PM (at the writing of this sentence, it is 10:54PM) and here I am.

Regardless, the series is over, I hope you all enjoyed it. And if you didn’t? Tough. We enjoyed it.

2 Thoughts to “Yankee Gone to Juku – C’est la fin.”

  1. engel caceres

    Thank you taking you time translating this awesome manga. Also, i hope to see the prequel, it would be great to know more about ikariishi’s life.

  2. Ha Ta

    Thank you so much, everyone involved, for completing this series! I just finished the chapter and am really eager to know more about these guys in the sequel/new season (if you guys’d have some time/resources to pick it up).

    Truly, thank you. I really, really enjoy this. And the quality of everything has been consistently of high quality. I hope you all the very best!

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