(24 hours later…)I don’t know what this new mouse is called

Apparently I never published the newspost and it only went to Preview. The funny thing is, it was pointed out to me this morning, and I pressed Publish. Or at least, I believed I did, because it was never published. Huh.

This is the original newspost, btw:

Back when I was a young teenager, I used to have a mouse that was made so that only your thumb could move the cursor. I’m assuming it was made to help people avoid wrist pains from the Herculean task of moving your wrist too often. I’ve never had that problem, just fyi. So I saw one for Black Friday on special and remembered it fondly. I bought it.

Now my neck hurts. I’m convinced of it. I have a medical degree and stuff, you know? The neck bone is directly connected to the wrist bone.

Yankee 25 (!Juku25) – The reader is still down (ugh) and my IRC doesn’t work, so thank you Ni3 <3

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