Space Adventure Cobra v10

Hey, hey crab people! Nitouryu here. Today, I’ll be releasing an older manga from an author of mine that never learned to draw women with clothing – Terasawa Buichi.

Space Adventure Cobra v10 (!Cobra10) – on irc or our reader.. well that’s dead, so just use Mangadex I guess. You can read it as a standalone, but I would recommend reading previous 1-9 volumes regardless (or watch anime, it covers exactly v1-9).

The story of Cobra is just like any other sci-fi you have read before – a space assassin/pirate together with his all-metal-body girl travels the universe seeking riches, helping damsels in distress and killing his enemies with a psychogun that’s built into his hand.

But what new does this bring to the table you may ask? You see in this future they have finally perfected bikini armor. No more pesky clothes to cover up those plump curves. Also only beautiful girls are allowed to exist in this future and they MUST be in a bikini, of course bras are optional. #freethenipple

If we brush past the initial façade of asses, what we have here is a rich expanse universe that offers something new and unexpected at every step of the way.

What adventures are you into? Cobra has them – devil, Hitler, ancient powerful artefacts, spaceship swallowing monster, antagonist with a body made from indestructible glass, Skynet, tachyon time travel, NPC TV, interdimensional races, HALO jump races. You won’t be bored.

A chapter can start with interdimensional race and end with Cobra trying to kill a mysterious snow entity.

It’s a pure 90’s balls-to-the-wall reading experience, sans any dumb modern tropes. This is a real chest-hair grower, even if you are a girl reading this, so be careful.

Made possible in collaboration with Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans!

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